“God does give us more than we can handle. He wants us to rely on Him. Here are some tools to help.”


Hi, I'm Thom Reaves

Painter, author and founder of Painting Peace and The Armchair Journalist Podcast


Painter Thom Reaves Creates "Lighthearted Imagery of Joy"

From Bipolar Disorder to Poster Style Paintings of Joy


Thom Reaves discovered his love for creating by making paper dolls and folded paper trucks. When young Thom would go on long rides with his father, he became fascinated with the graphics on gas station signs and road maps, which seeded the inspirations of his later artistic life. Signs, symbols and billboards birthed an interest in graphics and posters, which have become the signature style of his work.


Thom majored in graphic design, receiving his bachelor’s degree in communications design from Pratt Institute in 1988. After working for a number of years as a neon sign designer in New York, he returned to his hometown of Trenton, NJ where he began to produce his art, initially expressing himself through intricate pen & ink drawings. When a gallerist suggested the introduction of color into his work, Thom began painting.  The new focus on color reignited his love of vintage posters, a visual style which he then chose as the avenue of his self-expression. Uplifting imagery became the framework of a long-running series of works based on play with words, locations and objects.


Thom has flourished in the continuation of his stylized poster-like images, earning him the privilege of showing his work in numerous group and solo shows. His designs have graced the surfaces of fine writing instruments and luxury items for Acme Studios of Hawaii, sold in boutiques around the world and his work is licensed for art reproductions. Thom was also a featured artist, painting an entire room of an Art hotel in Miami Beach, FL. and he collaborated with a trendy home design company, lending his images to fashion accessories. Thom creates works for numerous commissions and portraits, having produced artwork for homes and businesses in the US and Japan. In addition to his painting, Thom is a published author who has written and illustrated his first children’s book, “A Tome of Tales and Taradiddles.” He is a content creator for his own YouTube channel, “Painting Peace” and the creator and host of his podcast, “The Armchair Journalist podcast.” Thom created the online art magazine, “Studio Tour Magazine” and “Blam, The Black Art Museum. Thom has also written and created a myriad of other projects, including producing a short film, a published comic strip series and the creation of the official teddy bear of New Jersey’s capital city.


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Original Fine Art
Art-making has been a part of Thom his entire life. Take a journey and let him change your world through his art.
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Teaching Videos
Thom discovered YouTube and realized he could use his love for art to teach, to help those like himself, dealing with mental health challenges, and  to encourage spiritually one’s faith in God.


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The Podast
Using popular themes and topics dealing with mental health, creativity and one’s spiritual walk with God, Thom turned his love for these subjects into a podcast to uplift and encourage from a Christian point of view.


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