Thom Reaves: An Imagination that Delights!

From paintings to podcasts, a magazine to a museum, a world of art and creativity to captivate and encourage you.

Thom Reaves: Venues to Brighten the World 

Explore The Art and Media of Thom Reaves. Browse Thom’s original works of fine art in his posterworks and  “Life is just better with Trento” series. Learn how to ease a troubled mind through painting in Thom’s Painting Peace YouTube videos, or read with your children with Thom’s children’s book, in “A Tome Of Tales & Taradiddles in Storybook Bridge.

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Painting Peace is Thom’s video ministry using painting and the Bible to help mental health.

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Storybook Bridge is the home of Thom’s first children’s book, “A Tome of Tales and Taradiddles.” 

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Fine Art

Thom’s original paintings, including his signature series, Life is just better with Trento and his variety of other fine art works. 

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Thom’s podcast discussing issues of abundant life, Christianity and mental health.

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I’m Thom! Join me here as I share with you my lifelong love of art and imagination. My goal is to encourage you to explore the wonders of imagination and spread your gifts to the world. 


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Thom's New Children's Book: A Tome of Tales & Taradiddles.


Art & Mental Health Video Ministry


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Original Fine Art

Peruse all of Thom’s artworks. 

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